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Callimachus Open Source is available under the Apache 2.0 License

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What Developers are saying

...the only development tool I have found that actually makes it easy to create a linked data application.

...the user interface is consistent and all you need is a browser.

...Callimachus is RESTful from the ground up.

...I have confidence in the expertise and deep knowledge of the development team.

...Callimachus focuses on structured content and handles change history well.

...allows me to see the ontology on the level that I need to.

...the UI guys don't have to become ontology experts and the ontologists don't need to look under the hood at the UI code.

...provides easy to use, absolutely necessary "glue" for producing data-driven Web apps.

...allows me to focus on the business direction and not the UI.

Callimachus News

Oct 4: Callimachus 1.5.1 released!
Download it today!

Feb 25: Callimachus 1.5.0 released!
Download it today!

Mar 16: Callimachus 1.4.2 released!
Download it today!