A script is a JavaScript file that is stored with a .js extension in a Callimachus folder.

Creating a script

To create a script, select Script using the create menu from the folder you wish to store the script in.

Including scripts in a page

Scripts may be included in any Callimachus page or template by using the <script> tag. Below is a page the linking the script utility.js to a Callimachus page:

    <title>Customer Report</title>
    <link rel="edit-form" href="?edit" />
    <link rel="comments" href="?discussion" />
    <link rel="version-history" href="?history" />
    <script type="text/javascript" src="/scripts/utility.js"></script>

Note: It is recommended that all <script> elements include a @src attribute for all, but the the most trival scripts.