Here is a recent sample of organizations that have adopted Callimachus by sector. For competive reasons some names are not mentioned.


Callimachus will soon host all the data published as Linked Open Data for the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). The system is currently in the final phases of a security review, and is due to launch in 2013. It combines US EPA data on 1.3 million facilities regulated by the US EPA. This includes data ranging from dry cleaning operations to nuclear power plants, and reports on toxic chemicals emitted over the last 25 years.  It cross links to chemical substance databases, Open Street Maps, DBpedia content and much more.


Callimachus is used by Sentara, a regional healthcare delivery and payer organization that insures 400,000 lives. Sentara is developing a Web and mobile application called 'Weather Health'. The application combines data from the US National Library of Medicine, National Oceanic and Atmospheric Agency (NOAA), US EPA and DBpedia to better respond to chronic conditions, and reduce costly emergency visits. 

The Weather Health is project considered to be a "national good" by Sentara.  They dedicated the application to improving healthcare outcomes and reducing the cost of healthcare delivery in the US by empowering patients with timely, relevant information. 


Callimachus is being used as a knowledge management platform by a major pharmaceutical company to combine enterprise data with open data from the Web.  This KM solution was developed in 2012 and is slated to go into phase 1 production in 2013.


Callimachus is being used to power an agile publishing workflow for an international business publisher. The system combines content from company document management stores with open Web content and a variety of enterprise systems.  The system was developed in 2012 and is anticipated to be used throughout North America by up to 400 editors in 2013.


Researchers in Europe, Brazil and the United States are using Callimachus to standardize metadata and combine data from different systems.  In one example, researchers in Finland created a "virtual machine laboratory" to track mechanical parts in industrial assembly lines.  Callimachus was used to host information about each part, including how parts related to other parts.