A Callimachus folder is a way to group files/resources.

A folder may contain either

  • File resources,
  • Folder resources, or
  • RDF resources

Creating a new folder

To create a folder, select 'Folder' using the create menu from the folder you wish to create the new folder in. You will be presented with the following dialogue:

Screenshot: New Folder dialogue

Deleting the contents of a folder

To delete the contents of a folder

  • Click on the Edit tab
  • Use the Delete button to delete the folder and its contents

Granting folder permissions

To grant permissions to a folder, navigate to the desired folder and select Permissions from the main menu.

Lookup and add User Group(s) to the appropriate Role to assign permissions.

Role Permissions
Reader view a read-only copy of the resource
Subscriber view, see the history, and discuss the resource
Editor make changes using the edit tab and create new resources in this folder
Administator view, create and modify using any available operation

Exporting and importing the contents of a folder

Callimachus compresses and stores the contents of folders in CAR files. To export or import the contents of a folder, navigate to the folder and open the main menu.

If you click the Export folder contents entry, you will be prompted for a location on your computer to save the CAR file. If you click Import folder contents you will be prompted to specifiy the CAR file you wish to import.

Note: The imported files will overwrite the current files.