The main menu is represented as a small icon beside the Look-up box, and provides system-level functions when clicked.

Screenshot: main menu

Menu item Function
Home folder Brings you to the root folder. From the root folder you can navigate and modify the site.
Recent changes Displays recent changes to the site.
About Callimachus Takes you to the Callimachus project home.
Getting started Takes you to the Callimachus Getting Started document.
Send feedback Allows you to send feedback using Google Groups.
Help Page sensitive help links, if applicable (opens in a new browser).
Other links Other pages specific links may also appear.
What links here Displays other resources that are linked to the current one.
Related changes Displays changes related to the current resource.
Permissions Displays and allows permissions to the current resource to be changed.
Introspect resource Inspect the components that comprise a resource.
Print this page Print the current page.
User name Takes you to your user page where you can change your password or email address.
Sign out Signs you out of Callimachus.