New developers should see the tutorials listed on the main documentation page, especially the Developers Tutorial.

Currently, these sample applications are available:

Callimachus Sample Applications
This application... Demonstrates...
Quotes This application demonstrates Named SPARQL Queries and their use within HTML pages.
School Wards This application provides more familiarity with HTML form fields, such as radio, checkbox, and select options.
Meeting Notes This application shows the use of nested resources. Each Meeting instance may have Note instances associated with it.
Directory This application demonstrates how to create new resources with complex structure and create and edit forms with embedded resources.

Callimachus applications are packaged as CAR files, and can be installed by importing the contents of the sample application into a newly created folder. 

  • Choose one of the sample applications over and download the .car file.
  • Once a user account is created:
    • Log in and choose 'Home folder' in the main menu.
    • Click the Create button at the upper left of the folder display and choose 'Folder' from the menu options.
    • You will be asked to name the new folder and will then be placed into it.
    • Choose 'Import folder contents' in the Main Menu at the upper right of the folder display.
    • Select the .car file previously downloaded.
    • Select the radio button "Replace this folder's contents".
    • Select the Import button to import the CAR contents into your new folder.