Essential documentation

There are three documents that will help you get up and developing quickly. They include:

  1. Getting Started with Callimachus

  2. Callimachus for Web Developers

  3. Meeting Notes Tutorial

A. Installing Callimachus


Callimachus includes a setup script that is used to intialize a new and upgrade an existing Callimachus instance. Follow the procedure below to install the latest Callimachus distribution.


Step Action

Check if a Java Development Kit (JDK not just a JRE) is installed and that the version is correct. Callimachus requires different JDK versions depending on what version of Callimachus you are using. If you are using:  

  • Callimachus 1.1.1 and earlier requires JDK 1.6 (1.6.0_20 or higher, but not 1.7)
  • Callimachus 1.1.2 can work with either JDK 1.6 (1.6.0_20 or higher) or 1.7
  • Callimachus 1.2 and later require JDK 1.7

From the command prompt issue the command: java -version and javac -version to see what version is locally installed. You can also issue the command: which java to see the directory where it is installed. Install a Java JDK if it is not yet installed.

NB: Callimachus will not work with JDK version 8 at this time.


Download the .zip file for the latest version of Callimachus from and unzip it into an empty target directory.


Copy the file etc/callimachus-defaults.conf to a new file called etc/callimachus.conf. Open etc/callimachus.conf in a text editor and make the following changes as necessary:

  • Remove the '#' before the PORT and ORIGIN variables and edit them to match the appropriate values for your system. The value of ORIGIN must match exactly what will be in the browser's address bar before the path. Set the PORT variable to 80 if you want to be able to access Callimachus without a port number in the URL. Warning: After the setup script has been run, the ORIGIN variable cannot be changed without reinstalling Callimachus.
  • Create a file called in the etc/ directory to allow for mail functionality within Callimachus. 

Run the Callimachus setup script from a console to initialize Callimachus.

For Mac and Linux Desktop users:

  • Run bin/ and follow any prompts.

For Linux Server users (as root):

  • Run bin/
  • Run bin/

For Windows Users:

  • Run bin/callimachus-setup.bat and follow any prompts.

Note: In Callimachus 1.1, instead of being prompted for a password during the setup script, you will be provided a URL at the end of the setup script. Once you have started the server, access that URL and setup your initial password. If you lost the URL (and setup correctly) you can receive a temporary password via email using the "Need another password?" button on the sign in page.


Setup your initial user account and password by copying and pasting the URL provided at the end of the setup script into the browser. If your operating system supports it, you are have a local windowing system and a Web browser, the setup script will open your default browser to the login screen so you won't need to copy and paste the URL.

The setup URL will take you to the login screen:

Initial user login screen

You will then be asked to create a username and password for the initial user:

Initial user sign in

Some things to know:

Note: You should set up your initial user right away.  Run the setup script again if your initial user invitation expires.

Note: To stop the server at any time, run bin/ (Mac/Linux) or bin/callimachus-stop.bat (Windows)

Congratulations, you've installed Callimachus succesfully! If you think something is not working correctly or some part of the installation process has gone wrong, please post to the discussion group.

B. Browser support

This describes the browsers that are supported by Callimachus.

Supported browsers

We support the current and previous major releases of Chrome and Firefox on a rolling basis. Each time a new browser version is released, the following Callimachus release will begin supporting that browser version and stop supporting the third most recent browser version.

Partially supported browsers

Callimachus provides partial support for the following

Browser Issue
Safari 6
  • Drag and drop from the local file system into browser is not supported.
  • Does not support logging in with email address via digest access.
  • Does not retain the login state in all cases.
Internet Explorer 9
  • Text cannot be typed into the text editor for BooksGraph documentsNamed QueriesPagesPipelinesScripts, and Styles. The current workaround is to create them outside of Callimachus and upload them, but that will not work for Books.
  • When uploading a CSS or JS file, the browser will ask if you want to save or open file. Ignore this prompt, the file has uploaded correctly.
  • Cannot upload files in .docbook format. Docbook documents must be created within Callimachus.
  • Drag and drop from local file system into browser is not supported.
  • Client-side validation when creating a concept is not functioning. Be careful to always enter a Label for concepts.
Internet Explorer 10
  • The same issues that exist with IE 9.

Unsupported browsers

Callimachus does not support

  • Internet Explorer 6
  • Internet Explorer 7
  • Internet Explorer 8

C. Adding users

To add a new user, an existing user who is part of the "admin" group must

  1. Navigate the their primary group edit page.
  2. Invite a new user using the icon in the Members field.
  3. Complete a user invitation form for the person to add.
  4. Save the primary group.
  5. Add the user to other User Groups as needed by clicking on the Members icon and using the lookup search box in the dialogue.

The new user will recieve an email invitation with a registration link and instructions on how to log in.

D. Starting and stopping the Callimachus server


This describes how to start and stop the Callimachus server.


Step Action Example
1 From the command prompt navigate to the Callimachus directory. ../3RoundStones/callimachus-1.0
2 Start the server by running the script from the /bin directory. bin/
3 Stop the server by running the script. bin/

Note: Always stop the Callimachus server before starting it again.

E. Starting the Callimachus client


To start the Callimachus client in your browser enter: http://localhost:8080/

Note: This assumes you are running the Callimachus server on the same machine you are accessing it in your browser. Replace localhost with the host name and if applicable, the port number of the server you are using.

F. Sample Callimachus applications

New developers should see the tutorials listed on the main documentation page, especially the Developers Tutorial.

Currently, these sample applications are available:

Callimachus Sample Applications
This application... Demonstrates...
Quotes This application demonstrates Named SPARQL Queries and their use within HTML pages.
School Wards This application provides more familiarity with HTML form fields, such as radio, checkbox, and select options.
Meeting Notes This application shows the use of nested resources. Each Meeting instance may have Note instances associated with it.
Directory This application demonstrates how to create new resources with complex structure and create and edit forms with embedded resources.

Callimachus applications are packaged as CAR files, and can be installed by importing the contents of the sample application into a newly created folder. 

  • Choose one of the sample applications over and download the .car file.
  • Once a user account is created:
    • Log in and choose 'Home folder' in the main menu.
    • Click the Create button at the upper left of the folder display and choose 'Folder' from the menu options.
    • You will be asked to name the new folder and will then be placed into it.
    • Choose 'Import folder contents' in the Main Menu at the upper right of the folder display.
    • Select the .car file previously downloaded.
    • Select the radio button "Replace this folder's contents".
    • Select the Import button to import the CAR contents into your new folder.

G. Callimachus Support

3 Round Stones offers commercial support and private virtual cloud hosting for enterprises running Callimachus.

Commuity support may be access through our mailing list.