Accessing and configuring your user account is very simple, but depends heavily on what type of authentication was used to create your account. If you elected to login via an external service such as Google, Facebook, or Yahoo! then you have not created a new account on that Callimachus instance. In that case, any configuration should take place wherever the account is hosted.

However, if you have signed in via Digest Authentication (by creating a local Callimachus account) then you have a set of configuration options available to you within the Callimachus environment. You also have a dedicated account page from which you can alter these configurations. 


To access your Callimachus User Account click on the Main Menu in the upper right of your Callimachus instance. At the bottom of the menu, just above "Sign out" will be a menu option pointing to your user account. The label will display however you signed in - via email: or via username: joe.

The resulting behavior however will differ based on authentication type.

Digest Authentication:

Clicking the profile link will take you to your dedicated Callimachus User Account. This page contains such information as full name, username and groups you belong to on the system. 

Non-Digest Authentication:

Clicking the profile link will do one of two things:

  • Take you to your account page on the external site with which you authenticated
  • Download the account file used for authentication on the external site

This behavior depends on how the external site is configured. For example, Facebook will take you to your Facebook profile page while Google will download the profile file associated with your account.


Digest Authentication:

Configuration of digest accounts is accomplished via both the "View" and the "Edit" tab of the profile page. From the "View" tab you can click the Main Menu in the upper right of your Callimachus instance and select "Change password or email" to change the email associated with your account as well as the password used to access it.

From the "Edit" tab you can directly edit:

  • Full name
  • Additional information

Your username cannot be changed once the account has been created. If you want to change your username a new account will need to be created.

Non-Digest Authentication:

All configuration of non-digest authenticated accounts must take place on the external site.