Facebook authentication manager allows Callimachus Realms to authenticate user agents through an existing Facebook app. Any Facebook user is permitted to authenticate (provided they agree to share their email address). To configure Facebook authentication follow the following steps.

Step Action
1. Create a basic Facebook Application for authentication.
2. Obtain the Facebook App ID and Facebook App Secret for later use. These are displayed at the top of the Application page and can be reached by clicking the main menu dropdown on Facebook and selecting "Manage Apps". 
3. Configure your Facebook Application to communicate with your Callimachus instance. Under "Edit App", enter the URL of your Callimachus instance into the Site URL field of the "Website with Facebook Login" tab and hit "Save Changes".
4. Navigate to the Home Folder and click the "Edit" tab.
5. Click the icon next to "Authentication" to open the Authentication Manager and select "Faceboook authentication".
6. Provide a label, the Facebook App Id, the Facebook Secret, and a comment.
7. Save the form to complete the Facebook authentication setup

You should now be able to login to the instance using your Facebook account.