The Yahoo! authentication mechanism allows any user agent (i.e. anybody) to authenticate using their Yahoo! account. Yahoo! uses the same user identifier regardless of realm. The OpenID realm pattern is used to allow the end user to automate approval of authentication requests for realms of this pattern and the authority of the pattern is presented to the user.

The configuration process is identical to that of setting up Google Authentication, just with different values.

Term Definition Sample Value
Label Name for the authentication scheme. Yahoo! accounts
OpenID Endpoint URL The URL against which the Yahoo! Accounts are authenticated. It is rare that this value will need to change.
OpenID Realm Pattern A pattern that represents the part of URL-space for which an OpenID Authentication request is valid. http://*
Comment Comment for the authentication scheme used for display at sign in. Sign in with your Yahoo! account
Authentication Button The image used for display purposes on the sign-in page.

A realm pattern is a URL, with the following changes:

  • A realm MUST NOT contain a URI fragment
  • A realm MAY contain a wild-card at the beginning of the URL authority section. A wild-card consists of the characters "*." prepended to the DNS name in the authority section of the URL.