A class describes a set of resources that share some common characteristics. In Callimachus a class is a set of RDF resources that use the same templates. Callimachus templates dynamically merge RDF data within XHTML5 pages, allowing users to create, view or edit resources from their browsers. Super classes may be used to inherit or override page templates.

Creating a new class

To create a class, select Class using the create menu from the folder you wish to store the class in. You will be presented with the following dialogue:

Screenshot: New class dialogue

Classes and RDF resource types

When you create a Callimachus class you are also creating a RDF resource type.

Controlling who can create resources

Use the Authors link to specify the User Groups that are allowed to create resources for the class. When a user has permission to create one of these resources, the class label will appear in the create menu. If the class does not include a comment it will appear near the bottom of the create menu.

Looking up resources

Icons are used in the create menu and next to the resources in the folder view. To add an icon, click the Icon link to open a file upload dialogue.

Using external classes

An external OWL class can be associated with a Callimachus class to apply templates. Use the Explore OWL classes in this graph menu entry (in the main menu of a graph) to view an imported OWL vocabulary, then follow the instructions to create an equivalent Callimachus class.