Follow these steps to display the linked data in Callimachus.

Step Action Example

Determine the type of the resource that you want to model.

Note: Use a class from a well-known vocabulary so the data will be easier to reuse. 

Wolfgang_Palm a rdf:type foaf:Person , yago:Person100007846 , yago:GermanMusicians .

2 Download the vocabulary as an RDF file. Save link as:  FOAF Vocabulary Specification
3 Upload the vocabulary RDF file into a Callimachus folder.

4 From the graph view select Explore OWL classes in this graph from the main menu.
5 Using the equivalent (assign templates) option, select the desired class to create a new Callimachus class In this case we are selecting for foaf:Person. When you create an eqivalent this class it will automatically fill in the Callimachus class name with the word Person.
6 Create a default view template and save the class. Result: You will now be able to view any RDF data that uses the foaf:Person class. Click on Class Resources from the main menu of the class to view data about Wolfgang Palm.