Callimachus concepts are used to categorize objects or events.  A concept consists of one primary label which is used to construct its URI, as well as any number of alternate labels. These alternate labels are used to assist in concept lookup.

Concepts are primary used to to clarify the usage and meaning of something. In an application they are used to populate controls such as dropdowns, checkboxes or radio buttons.

Note: A concept is a common attribute for one or more objects, not a set of objects, which would instead be modeled as a class. The distinction is subtle and is primarily based on the focus/emphasis of the data model used.

To create a concept, select Concept using the create menu from the folder you wish to store the concept in. You will be presented with a form.

In many data model the set of US state names or a list of the Canadian provinces are examples of concepts, as they are often simply geo properties of objects and often not the focus of the data model itself.