Callimachus supports some binary and text files, ZIP files and Callimachus Archive File (CAR) files. 

Binary and Text Files

Binary and text files are used to store many of the types of Callimachus resources and are the building blocks for all Callimachus applications.

Adding, deleting or renaming a file

To add a file

  1. Click the upload file button, next to the create menu, from the folder you wish to store the file in, then
  2. Using the file upload dialogue upload the file from your computer

To delete a file

  • navigate to the folder with the file you want to delete, then

  • open the file, click on the edit tab and press the Delete button

To rename a file (not all types of files can be renamed)

  • navigate to the folder with the file you want to rename

  • click on the edit tab and press the Save as... button

  • save the file with its new name

  • delete the older file

ZIP Files

ZIP files can be used to import files in bulk. Files from a local filesystem can be archived together and imported into a folder at once. However, the entire folder's content must be imported at once.

Callimachus Archive Files

A Callimachus Archive File (CAR) file has the .car extension and contains the contents of a folder at some point in time. CAR files are used to backup and restore Callimachus applications, as well as to transfer large amounts of RDF data between systems.