The following tables documents the various actions common to many different files and resources types, these are initiated by appending the query string to the resource URL.

Resolving the URL of a file without attaching a pragma, or with an unsupported pragma, will result in the raw file being returned or, if the resource is not a file, a reasonable default action will occur (e.g. a PURL will resolve to its target, a folder will redirect to its index target, or redirect to the resource's view page).

Pragma Scope Description
?annotations Callimachus Enterprise resources Shows any OpenAnnotation annotations related to the resource.  Allows the creation of a new comment.
?classifiedby Callimachus Enterprise resources Shows the OpenAnnotation tags and categories for the resources and allows creation of new ones.
?describe All resources Shows the RDF describing the resource, in either Turtle, RDF+XML, JSON-LD, or HTML.
?discussion All resources Shows a discussion page similar to Wikipedia's Talk page about the resource.
?edit Resources with edit templates Returns a page based on the edit template of the resource that allows editing of the resource.
?history All resources Summarizes the history of changes to the resource.
?introspect All resources Shows the operations, properties and methods supported for the resource.
?permissions All resources Displays the permissions associated with the resource and allows changes to be made.
?relatedchanges All resources Displays changes related to the resource.
?results Named SPARQL queries Returns the results of the named query. Parameters to the query may be provided as additional options on the query string.
?view Resources with view templates Displays an XHTML page based on the view template of the resource.
?whatlinkshere All resources Shows the resources that link to the resource.

The following table summarizes some common requests (without any query string) that can be made to files hosted in Callimachus.

HTTP Method Description
GET Retrieve the raw file
PUT Replace the raw file
DELETE Remove the file and its metadata