This sample app was written for Callimachus 1.1 and may not work with the latest version.


This application provides more familiarity with HTML form fields, such as radio, checkbox, and select options.

From the main folder, click on the new folder icon on the right. Create a new folder and in the main menu of the new folder import the file.


This webapp ships with a few UK wards and the schools located within them. These and other wards can be queried from the endpoint using a query like the one below.

The included school-data.rdf has been modified to use relative URIs for schools and wards.

PREFIX school: <>
PREFIX ward:<>

CONSTRUCT { ?school ?rel ?resource . ?resource ?property ?content }
  ?school school:administrativeWard ward:00CNGU; ?rel ?resource
  OPTIONAL { ?resource ?property ?content }