This tutorial contains two copies of the address book application.  

  • The version contained in the folder finished app is the entire completed application.  You may use it to see what the completed application looks like or to compare what you have done to the way that we built it.
  • The version contained in the folder initial app is where you will build your own address book application as you progress through the tutorial.  If you follow the directions exactly, you will end up with the same application as the one in the finished app folder.  Naturally, feel free to express yourself!  You can build out the application any way you want to.

You might want to recover the state of the initial app folder at some time in the future, perhaps to allow someone else to work through the tutorial.  You can do that exporting the state of the initial app folder as a Callimachus ARchive (CAR) file via the main menu.  Then you can later create a new folder and import the saved CAR file into it for others to use.  The file paths are relative so you can avoid stepping on each other.

The image below shows you the file structure at the top level of the tutorial files.

Tutorial file structure

The finished app and initial app folders have the same subfolders within them.  Each set of files is contained in its own folder to make life a little bit easier.

Tutorial application file structure